One-Time Passwords

One-Time Passwords (OTP) is a new functionality, introduced in Saferoom Windows v1.2. Before this user can encrypt/decrypt notes using only one password (master password), specified during Initial configuration or changed afterwards. Now with a help of OTP functionality user can encrypt/decrypt his notes using password, specified during runtime. This password is not saved anywhere and, obviously, cannot be restored.

Using OTP is very simple:

  • Open Main application window and check Use One-Time Password option. Then if you click Encrypt or Decrypt button, system will prompt you for the password. Specify the password and your notes will be encrypted/decrypted using this password
  • Open Main application window and uncheck Use One-Time Password option. After that if you click Encrypt or Decrypt, Saferoom will use your default (or master) password

While using OTP, please note the following:

  • OTP passwords are not saved anywhere. After encrypting/decrypting notes, Saferoom deletes this password from memory. Thus these passwords cannot be restored
  • Saferoom doesn’t identify the notes, encrypted using OTP or master password. That’s why if you’re using OTP during encryption, all notes placed in the Notebook for Notes to be encrypted (Encrypt_Inbox, by default) will be encrypted using this OTP. If you’re using OTP during decryption, then Saferoom will try to decrypt all notes in the Notebook for Notes to be Decrypted (Decrypt_Inbox, by default) using this password. If this notebook contains notes, encrypted using master password, Saferoom will not decrypt them and generate the corresponding error in the Application log

Here is the small OTP demo: